T-Power (90W) Ac Dc Adapter For HP ENVY TouchSmart Sleekbook m6-k, m7-j 15-j 17-j series Quad Edition CTO LAPTOP Ultrabook Power Supply (((NOT for 17t-j000 , need 19.5V 6.15A 120W)))


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T-PowerMade with the highest quality
OUTPUT: 19V / 90Watt Brand-new
T-Power AC adapters are made with the highest quality materials.
T-Power products were tested by manufacturer to match and/or exceed specifications of OEM products
Warranty: 1 Year
Laptop safeguard features against incorrect voltage, short circuit, internal overheating
This product has a 60 day Money-Back Guarantee, and a 1-year limited Warranty.

HP ENVY TouchSmart Sleekbook m6-k, m7-j series: m6-k000 m6-k001xx m6-k010dx m6-k012dx m6-k015dx m6-k022dx m6-k025dx m6-k054ca m6-k088ca m7-j000 m7-j010dx m7-j020dx
HP ENVY TouchSmar 15-j, 17-j series: 15-j000 15-j003cl 15-j003xx 15-j006cl 15-j007cl 15-j009wm 15-j010us 15-j011dx 15-j011nr 15-j013cl 15-j017cl 15-j020us 15-j023cl 15-j030us 15-j031nr 15-j032nr 15-j040us 15-j050us 15-j052nr 15-j053cl 15-j053xx 15-j057cl 15-j058ca 15-j060us 15-j063cl 15-j067cl 15-j070us 15-j073ca 15-j073cl 15-j075nr 15-j080us 15-j084ca 15-j084nr 15-j085nr 15-j10us 15t-j100 15z-j000 15z-j100 15-j150us 15-j170us 15-j175nr 15-j181nr 15-j185nr 17-j000 17-j010us 17-j011nr 17-j013cl 17-j017cl 17-j020us 17-j023cl 17-j027cl 17-j030us 17-j034ca 17-j037cl 17-j040us 17-j043cl 17-j044ca 17-j050us 17-j057cl 17-j060us 17-j099nr 17-j100 17t-j100 17-j120us 17-j130us 17-j150nr 17-j160nr

! PLEASE NOTE: This AC Adapter will work with 90W/65W/45W laptop models only ! NOT for models that require more powerful charger !

  • T-Power (TM) Made with the highest quality
  • Output: 19.5V 4.62A 90Watt (65W, 45W 2.31A compatible)
  • We focus on providing quality power products and excellent customer service / we will ship your order the within-24 hours Mon-Fri (Phone service is available)
  • This product has a 60 day Money-Back Guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty.Compatible models: m6-k, m7-j, 15-j, 17-j series: m7-j000, m7-j010dx, m7-j020dx, m6-k010dx, m6-k012dx, m6-k015dx, m6-k022dx, m6-k025dx, 15-j011dx, 15-j053cl, 15-j009wm, 15-j050us, 15-j040us, 15-j020us, 15-j030us, 15-j085nr, 17-j013cl, 17-j023cl, 15-j063cl, 17-j020us, Replacement NOTEBOOK Laptop charger power supply cord wall plug spare

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